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    How to do an Online PfCO Drone course with E-Learning

    The ICARUS team at Aerial Motion Pictures are super excited to announce that we have now released our ICARUS Online course with a launch price of only £499 inc. VAT if you attend 1 of three set examination dates available to the first 50 customers only.

    The ICARUS Online has over 11 modules which break down into over 10 hours of Video learning taught by our very own Matt Williams, so you get all of your education from the industry's leading drone expert!


    Book your ICARUS Online PfCO Course Today


    How does ICARUS Online work?

    When you book the course, you will schedule your date to attend your Theory Examination, which in total will take half a day and includes a revision sessions, a module on the UK Low Flying System and finally your actual Theory Examination.

    You will need to complete all of the E-Learning modules before attending your theory examination. You will be sent your login details for the E-Learning via email.

    Once you've completed your theory examination, you then follow the same procedure as our standard PfCO students whereby you book in for your practical test and finally submit an Operations Manual.


    What makes our E-Learning different?

    We're going to be upfront, we always stayed away from doing a purely Online course because we teach you correctly to make sure you understand everything. We decided that the best way to teach an online course was to do a simulated classroom in video format and cement your learning with a half a day session with an instructor to cement your understanding.

    At the end of each module, you will get a short quiz which will pull random questions from a memory bank to test you on your understanding. If you don't understand the question, you can always go back to the relevant video!

    Our E-Learning works on most internet connected devices with an up-to-date Internet browser and an Internet connection so you can watch the videos on your mobile device, tablet or desktop.




    The videos vary in length, with the average being around 3-5 minutes so you can watch as little or as much as you want in your own time. Just be aware in mind that you will need to have completed all of the prerequisite modules before attending your classroom half day.



    What will be the cost after the launch?

    We have 50 spaces available for our £499 inc. VAT launch price, after which the Online Course will go to the standard £699 inc. VAT.



    Is there an ICARUS Pro Online?

    There is an ICARUS Pro Online course which means you get an Operations Manual included which is done by our recommended consultancy partners and you will also get access to our ICARUS Night E-Learning course. The cost of our ICARUS Pro Online Course is £999 inc. VAT.



    Do you still do classroom PfCO courses?

    We will continue to run our 2 Day PfCO courses for students that wish to benefit from having that time during the learning during every module with an instructor. Not only that, you get access to our ICARUS Resource Library which contains E-Learning materials to support the classroom learning (however this E-Learning isn't mandatory only advisable!)



    How do I book an Online PfCO course?

    Just click here to head over to our ICARUS Online page where you will find more information on the course, and you will get the option to book your course.


    Don't forget, the offer of £499 inc. VAT is for a limited time only with 50 spaces available!


    Book your ICARUS Online PfCO Course Today


    If you have any questions about our ICARUS Online Course, contact or call 01491 526 700 and a member of our Training Team will help.