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    Blue Skies Dronecast - The UK's #1 Drone Regulation Podcast!

    A special bonus episode about the Consultation Response from the CAA about extending the provisions for Legacy and Transitional Category UAS! ....Potentially good news!

    On this weeks episode, Tom and Adam discuss White labelling and why it can be a powerful tool to not only expand your network of enquiries, but also secure you regular business. Not only can you white label for somebody else, but why not have somebody white label for you!  
    This week we are joined by special guest Dorian Ellis! We talk about his drone journey and how he created probably the most well known drone planning software - DroneDesk!
    In this episode, we discuss the Emergency Services Exemption and why it has recently been revoked. We also discuss legacy drones and how to deal with difficult members of the public while out flying your drone.