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    ULTIMATE Drone E-Learning Bundle

    THE ULTIMATE E-Learning Course Bundle, to help you start YOUR drone business successfully...

    We've combined our 6 Week 'How to Build a Successful Drone Business' Sales & Marketing Course with the 'Introduction to Surveying & Land Mapping with Drones' and our 'Drone Masterclass', to bring you the very best information and training, to help you get your drone business 'taking off'...

    How to Build a Successful Drone Business
    The 'How to Build a Successful Drone Business' course is the first course in the drone industry, designed to help you build a successful business from scratch.

    Learn over 6 weeks with Matt Williams (Mr MPW) the CEO of UAVHUB and Founder of the ICARUS Drone Course about the Inbound Methodology, the secrets to successful blogging, creating your 'offer' and how to make sure position yourself so you aren't in the 'race to the bottom'.

    This course is based on years of experience, trial and error and expert knowledge of the drone industry.
    There really is no other course like it.

    Introduction to Land Surveying & Mapping with Drones

    This course has been designed from the ground up to ensure you have the primary knowledge to successfully plan for automated drone flight operations to capture land mapping data for orthomosaics, 3D models, detailed 3D maps and how to process all of the data. 

    You'll get shown how to output the data and present to your clients in an effective way.


    Drone Masterclass

    This course is designed for people who have little to no experience flying a drone. It's designed for people who want to take their skills to the next level and start to produce video content with their drone that looks like it was shot professionally.

    It's about getting out of automatic and shooting as professionals do, manually controlling all settings to get the look you want, not what the camera thinks you want.

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