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    Drone Training Courses

    Drone Training in the UK

    New UK drone regulations come into force on the 1st of July 2020. As the UK's 1st CAA Recognised Assessment Entity, you will be well placed no matter which course you take with us.

    We have 2 drone courses that will enable you to become a professional drone pilot. The GVC Drone Course (General VLOS Certificate) and the A2 C of C Drone Course (Certificate of Competency).

    Please note: You can apply for a PfCO from the CAA with a General VLOS Certificate if you do a course before 1st July 2020.

    The new regulations are designed to align with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and build on the Drone and Model Aircraft Registration Scheme (DMARES) in the UK.

    From 1st July 2020 there will be no delineation between Commercial and Non-commercial drone operations and instead follow three basic concepts, based around:

    • the type of operation being conducted;
    • the level of risk;
    • the level of performance.

    All our courses are taught by current commercial drone pilots who are at the top of the industry, flying heavy and super-heavy lift drones. 


    Drone Flight Categories

    From 1st July 2020, drone operations will be broken down into 3 categories which may affect how you want to operate. Know which category will be determined by what type of aircraft you wish to fly, what the level of risk is and how close you need to fly to uninvolved people.