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    PfCO Drone Training Courses

    Get your Drone License (PfCO) with our Training Courses

    We have 2 courses designed to lead you through to your PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation).

    Choose either our Online Course, with a half-day classroom session, or choose our full classroom course with 2 full days of training with a specialist instructor.

     All our courses are taught by current commercial drone pilots who are at the top of the industry, flying heavy and super-heavy lift drones. We’ve even designed a FREE E-Learning course for hobbyists,why not check it out and see what we’re all about, whilst learning the rules and regulations for non-commercial drone pilots?


    drone training pfco course


    Ex-RAF Helicopter Instructor Matt Williams designed the ICARUS drone course in 2015 and had flown Helicopters and Drones all over the world. The ICARUS team is supported by Flight Instructors who fly on Film and TV sets as well as being experts in the field of Industrial Inspections.