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    DJI Mavic Air 2 ND Filter

    DJI Mavic Air 2 Filters

    Choose from two different sets of ND filters for use with your Mavic Air 2 drone.
    • One Kit which Includes ND4, ND8 and ND16 Filters
    • One Kit which Includes ND16, ND64 and ND256 Filters
    • High-Quality Glass 

    Choose one of two different ND filter kits for the Mavic Air 2.

    The lower-rated (ND4, ND8 and ND32) filters are best used in bright environments without direct sunlight, where your exposure times won't be too long.
    The higher-rated (ND16, ND64 and ND256) filters are best used in environments where you'll be using very long exposure times, especially when using the new Hyperlapse features on this drone.

    Buying both sets of filters will give you the most creative flexibility when shooting in the advanced video and photo modes offered by the Mavic Air 2.

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