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    Advanced Flight Assessment for PfCO Holders

    Our ICARUS Advanced Flight Assessments are conducted by an ICARUS/CAA PfCO Examiner and will provide you with a fully auditable assessment, using our coveted ‘ICARUS Assessment Taxonomy’.

    Our ICARUS Taxonomy was developed by ICARUS Founder Matt Williams (Read More Here), using the principles he employed on a daily basis as a front-line flying instructor in the Royal Air Force. Matt’s manned flying experience, combined with his background as a life-long model helicopter pilot and one of the leading drone operators in the world allowed him to create a framework for assessment which provides critical feedback and auditable evidence of the way in which an operator conducts an aerial operation - from the flight planning process, through client contact and interaction, to the operational safety of the operation.

    Expect a full report and honest, critical feedback which will help you improve and refine your processes so that you can get more, higher-value clients.

    The Flight Assessment will take the form of a mock ‘commercial job’ and will be conducted by one of our experienced PfCO holder examiners; all of which have conducted hundreds of CAA PfCO Examinations and operate at the highest levels within the commercial drone world under OSCs worldwide.

    We don’t just teach and examine ‘initial entry’ PfCO holders or fly combat helicopters for the military (we’ve done that too!), but we have REAL, ‘on-set’ experience in Hollywood Blockbuster films, TV Documentaries, Dramas and Live-Sports Broadcasts all over the world - so you can be sure any advice and guidance we provide is rooted in expert, industry-leading knowledge!

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