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    Refresher CAA PfCO Theory Training Course for Current PfCO Holders

    Our CAA PfCO Theory Refresher Course allows current PfCO holders to access the FULL ICARUS Resource Library, in order to stay up to date (or get up to date!) with the current CAA PfCO Training Syllabus for 6 months. The library is constantly updated and we’re adding new information, guidance and material all the time.

    Even better, as and when the regulations are updated or changed, we automatically update the content contained in the library, so you can be sure that your knowledge is right at the forefront of the industry at all times!

    This course allows you to access our professionally developed and produced e-learning course which covers the following topics in detail:

    • Air Law

    • Principles of Flight

    • Meteorology

    • Airspace & Operating Principles

    • Operations Manual and Risk Assessment

    • LiPo Batteries

    • Human Factors

    • Operator Responsibilities and Airmanship

    • Navigation

    • Flight Planning

    You will also receive a voucher which will enable you to book onto an afternoon of theory training, joining current ICARUS Candidates, where we cover the following topics in person:

    • Air Law

    • Flight Planning & Briefing

    • UK Low Flying System

    • CAA Theory Examination Revision (Not required but a good refresher!)

    • CAA Theory Examination (Not required but good evidence to provide that you are maintaining a level of CPD)

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