All of our GVC and A2 CofC Drone Courses will be delivered by a virtual classroom online environment during the Covid-19 outbreak. Learn and take your theory exam from the comfort of your own home. For more information call the team on 0800 033 4400 or email

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    Aerialtronics Pensar Sensor

    The worlds first dual spectrum computer vision platform, that allows real-time analysis of images or data. Infinitely customisable, it can be mounted on a professional drone, mobile robot or using an independent camera.

    With the integrated camera a 30x optical zoom makes it possible to spot very small details.

    Detect, recognise and annotate objects of interest
    During flight, Pensar leverages deep learning networks in real-time to detect, recognise, track, classify and annotate certain objects or deviations of interest and conversely, to blur out and mask objects for privacy reasons.

    Augmented Annotations
    Improve your insights with labels created in real-time by Pensar’s AI detection and recognition abilities.

    Read Text
    Direct licence plates, text or virtually any other alphanumerical figure captured by Pensar.

    Recognise Characteristics
    Let the computer vision automatically detect and recognise subjects of interest. Automatically detect object characteristics such as colours and shapes.

    Thermal Vision
    Get the ultimate insights with daylight and thermal overlaid on one screen in real-time.

    Privacy Masking
    Protect the privacy by bystanders or sensitive content by instantly blurring out the details.

    Sony 30x Zoom HD Vision
    Never miss a detail, no matter how small, with the built-in Sony 30x zoom camera.

    FLIR Boson IR

    The integrated FLIR Boson camera allows users to easily identify heat signatures and determine their temperature.

    Sensor Fusion/Spliscreen
    Get the ultimate insights with daylight and thermal vision overlaid.

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