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    Operating Safety Case (OSC) Online Training Course

    This is a specialist course delivered by Mr MPW (Matt Williams CEO of UAVHUB) of how to write an Operating Safety Case (OSC) and get better permissions from the CAA.

    Mr MPW walks you through all 3 volumes of the Operating Safety Case, using a real-life example of an OSC that allowed permissions down to 10m of uninvolved people.

    In addition to walking you through all 3 volumes, Mr MPW shows you the secret to the Safety Management System (SMS) using the Bowtie method of risk assessing, which is the preferred method for the UK Civil Aviation Authority because it is used in the full-size aviation world.


    Has Mr MPW ever written and held an OSC?



    Matt has been at the heart of some of the best Drone Operations and their permissions since the CAA introduced the 'OSC Process' over 7 years ago!

    At one point, Aerial Motion Pictures Ltd (the parent company of UAVHub) held the UK's first OSC that allowed permissions down to as little as 5 metres with an OSC written by Mr MPW!

    Mr MPW has consulted for a number of the UK's top OSC operators and helped to write the framework for the OSC procedure in Bermuda which allowed himself and the team to fly the Alta 8 alongside full-sized helicopters during the America's Cup in 2018.

    mr mpw drone americas cup 2018


    Does this course include a Template?

    Yes. The Mr MPW OSC Online Training Course includes templates for all 3 volumes of the OSC to help kickstart your own OSC. These go above and beyond the guidance laid out already in the CAP 722A.


    Do you offer additional consulting?

    Yes. In addition to the course, Mr MPW will do one-to-one consulting on your own OSC document.*

    *this is not included with this course and will incur an additional hourly fee. You will need to contact Mr MPW directly (this is not facilitated through UAVHUB).


    Who should do the OSC course?

    The OSC course is designed for people who want to operate down to reduced separation distances from uninvolved people than those granted currently with a PDRA-01 Operational Authorisation. The OSC can also be used to apply for permissions such as Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS) or reduced distances from uninvolved people.

    We would highly recommend that you already have completed a General VLOS Certificate (GVC) course with an RAE such as UAVHUB before doing this course.


    Does this course and template guarantee I will get an OSC from the CAA?

    No. There is no guarantee that the CAA will grant you special permissions with your OSC. This course is designed to educate and inform you about how to write one and give you a VERY GOOD starting base to write your own. Mr MPW and UAVHUB accept no responsibility or liability should you use any of the materials provided within the course.