All of our GVC and A2 CofC Drone Courses will be delivered by a virtual classroom online environment during the Covid-19 outbreak. Learn and take your theory exam from the comfort of your own home. For more information call the team on 0800 033 4400 or email

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    A2 CofC vs GVC - What's the difference

    A2 CofC vs GVC - What's the difference?

    We've broken down the A2 CofC and GVC into a comparrison table so you can make the best decision based on your requirements.


    A2 CofC


    Training Requirements
    • Theoretical learning
      • 2.5+ hours of E-Learning
    • Theoretical exam
    • Self-guided practical flight training
    • Theoretical learning
      • 6+ hours of E-Learning
    • Theoretical exam
    • Practical Flight Examination
      • assessed by the RAE
    • Operations Manual
    CAA Fees
    • £0
    • Initial application for Operational Auhtorisation: £253
    • Annual renewal of Operational Authorisation: £190
    Permitted SUA
    • A1 Transitional (until 1st January 2023)
      • 'Legacy' Aircraft between 250g - 500g flying weight
    • A2 Transitional (until 1st January 2023)
      • 'Legacy' Aircraft between 500g - 2kg flying weight
    • C2 Aircraft
    • All Aircraft between 0 - 20kg (until 31st December 2020)
    • All Aircraft between 0 - 25kg (after 31st December 2020)
    Use for Commercial Gain
      5 Years
      5 Years
    Valid From
      31st December 2020
    • No additional costs
    • No Operations Manual
    • No yearly renewals
    • No Flight Assessment
    • Reduced separation distances
      • A1 Transitional: No intentional overflight of uninvolved people
      • A2 Transitional: 50 metres from uninvolved people
      • C2 Aircraft: 30 metres from uninvoled people in normal speed mode
        • 5 metres from uninvolved people in a low speed mode
    • Available to use now
    • Bolt-on modules available
      • from 31st December 2020 for EVLOS/BVLOS
    • Fly any aircraft between 0-25kg beyond 1st January 2023
    • Widely recognised qualification
    • Suitable for people flying larger and heavier aircraft
    • Not available to use until 31st December 2020
    • Limited to 'small' aircraft
    • Not currently widely recognised
    • No C2 aircraft on the market (yet)
    • Requires yearly renewals with the CAA
    • Requires maintaining an Operations Manual
    • Audited by the CAA
    • Longer training pathway
    Who's it suited for
    • People who fly 'small and light' aircraft
    • Wedding photographers
    • Roof inspectors
    • Small corporate video production
    • Hobbyists who want more freedom to operate 'closer' to people
    • People with 'large and heavy' aircraft
    • Professional Drone Pilots
    • High End Film Productions
    • Industrial Inspections
    • Land Surveyors