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    Drone Equipment Leasing

    Drone Equipment Leasing Finance for Business

    In partnership with Bluestar Leasing

    At UAVHUB we know that in today’s economic climate preserving work capital is key, yet businesses still need to expand and regularly invest in new equipment. That’s why we’ve partnered with Bluestar Leasing to offer our customers a range of corporate drone leasing options.

    Bluestar Leasing is a recognised business finance product used by a host of companies throughout the UK. With our corporate drone leasing option, your business can pay for products in scheduled, regular payments as opposed to paying a large sum straight away.

    When you’re looking to invest in new drone equipment for your business, there may be several factors that you need to consider…

    • Can we afford the equipment?
    • Do we have the working capital?
    • We want the best solution for our business…
    • We’ll shop around and get three quotes…
    • Do any of the other suppliers offer drone finance?

    If you’re asking yourself any of the above, our drone leasing option could provide the answer you’re looking for.  Simply click through to our leasing calculator to gain an instant lease quotation, or read on to learn the advantages of drone leasing with UAVHUB:



    Did you know, with Bluestar Leasing we:

    • Finance the total solution including drone equipment and training.
    • Arrange finance for all business types, including new starts and challenging credits.

    PLUS – The costs are 100% tax allowable. This means the total cost of your purchase, capital and interest can be offset during the lease period; which in turn allows you to deduct your payments as a trading expense.

    What are the advantages of drone leasing?

    Drone leasing has a wide range of different advantages for your business, the main one being that a finance option means you don’t have to pay the full cost of the drone equipment up front.

    Here are just some of the other main advantages:

    1. Higher Standard of Equipment Now Becomes Available

    We know that sometimes when buying the best kit on the market, and a fair amount of it at that, to buy it all at once can stretch the budget – but that’s exactly where leasing can be beneficial to your business.

    Essentially, you get more for your money and products which once seemed out of your price range now become readily available. By choosing to lease, you can pay for a higher standard of equipment – once perhaps deemed over-budget – over a period of time instead of paying for everything upfront.

    2. Tax Efficiency

    Another key advantage of leasing with UAVHUB is that the costs are 100% tax allowable. This means that the total cost of your purchase, capital and interest can be offset during the lease period; which in turn allows you to deduct your payments as a trading expense.

    3. Spread the Costs and Focus on Future Budgets

    While leasing with UAVHUB you will have the option to spread the costs of your equipment over a longer period, to help you match the payments to your business income. By knowing exactly what you are paying over a fixed period of time allows you to budget for future investments.

    4. Superior Product Knowledge

    When choosing drone leasing services with UAVHUB you not only get the choice of brand new, market-leading equipment, but you also get industry-leading knowledge. Our highly trained team of experts are always available to deal with any queries you may have about the equipment or just simply to provide more information.

    5. Flexibility

    Finally, as the drone industry continues to change almost daily, new aircraft, software and technologies are frequently being brought out. If you feel like you need to upgrade or replace your equipment, for a small adjustment to your regular payment, you can do just that instead of investing a lump sum upfront.

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    From cinematography to inspection, mapping and surveying, our experts will help you get the best out of your equipment.
    Terms and Conditions:
    Finance figures are provided by Bluestar Leasing. All figures are indicative only, subject to VAT, final underwriting, document fees, payments by direct debit and terms and conditions. Additional security may be required. The finance product quoted is a lease rental. Hire purchase and loans may also be available. The stipulated tax relief assumes the rate of 19%. Any reference to tax advantages should be verified with your accountant. This finance service is for business purposes only in the UK. Bluestar Leasing are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Please note, for some companies a personal director guarantee may be required.