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    ICARUS Online

    E-Learning Drone Training Course to get your PfCO from the CAA

    Why do your PfCO Course online?

    Our ICARUS PfCO Online Drone Course is our most flexible option to get your Permission for Commercial Operations from the CAA. Simply book a date for your theory examination and complete all the E-Learning modules before you attend. Learn at your own pace until you attend your half day classroom session which culminates in your Theory Examination.

    When you’ve passed your theory examination, call us when you are ready to book your flight examination which takes up to 2 hours to complete. We provide you with all the necessary learning and planning documents to complete your examination.

    The final part of your ICARUS Online Course is the production of an Operations Manual which you will need to submit to our Submissions Team. Why not choose our ICARUS Pro Online PfCO Course and get the Operations Manual completed by our trusted consultancy partners; saving you valuable time and resources.

    What's the process?

    Choose the date you wish to attend your ½ Day Theory & Examination

    Upon completion of the Theory Course, call the office to book your practical examination

    Submit your Operations Manual

    Apply for your PfCO from the CAA


    • Choose a venue and select a course date that works for you.
      • Alternatively, use our course calendar to search by date.
    • Get access to our ICARUS Resource Library and start learning at your own pace with hours of E-Learning videos and downloadable resources.



    • Arrive for 9am on your booked date to sit your 2-day theory course with an ICARUS Instructor.
    • Lunch and refreshments are provided on both days.
    • At the end of the second day, you sit an invigilated 50 question multiple choice examination.
      • The Pass Mark for the examination is 80%


      • Arrive for 1300 on your booked date to sit your revision theory course and examination with an ICARUS Instructor.
      • Refreshments are provided at the venue.
      • At the end of the day you will sit an invigilated 50 question multiple choice examination.
        • The Pass Mark for the examination is 80%.


    • Book your practical assessment with your examiner for a mutually convenient date and time.
    • Practice the required manoeuvres and plan for a Mock Commercial Task.
      • Re-visit the ICARUS Resource Library for helpful videos and planning guides.
    • The practical examination takes up-to 2 hours.


    • If you are an ICARUS Pro student, this is now the time to contact our partnered consultants at Open Sky Consultancy so they can start your Operations Manual. You will receive an RFI form via email to complete.
      • This can take up to 10 days to arrive.
    • If you prefer to write your own Operations Manual, you can download a template from the ICARUS Resource Library.


      • Send your Operations Manual as a PDF format only to our submissions department, who will read your manual to ensure that it is ready to be submitted to the CAA.
      • Once your Operations Manual is approved, we sent you your NQE Recommendation Certificate that is required to send to the CAA during your application for PfCO.


    • Watch out helpful CAA PfCO Application video and apply for your PfCO using their online application form.
    • Pay £253 for your application to the CAA.
    • Recieve your PfCO from the CAA within 28 working days.
    • Fly commercially!

    About Your E-Learning Instructor

    Matt Williams

    Mr MPW

    A leading light within the international aviation community with deep-seated roots within the unmanned training and operational delivery sectors.

    Matt has built a number of successful businesses centred around the ever-evolving unmanned aircraft space.

    He continues to manage an ever-growing team at the UK's leading unmanned aircraft training and operations company and also consults at the very highest levels in the sector in order to help explore and deliver practical and pragmatic solutions to problems faced by both regulatory bodies worldwide and those looking to exploit options to operate within regulatory frameworks. 

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