All of our GVC and A2 CofC Drone Courses will be delivered by a virtual classroom online environment during the Covid-19 outbreak. Learn and take your theory exam from the comfort of your own home. For more information call the team on 0800 033 4400 or email

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    Pay As You Go PfCO

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    Start your CAA Drone Training today for FREE & get your PfCO with our All New, 3 Stage, ‘Pay As You Go PfCO’!

    We’ve created a simple 3 stage process, based on our ICARUS Online PfCO Course so that you can complete and pay for your Drone Training course at your own pace.

    Stage 1 is completed online, where your instructor will take you through all of the required CAA PfCO modules.

    Once you’ve completed this you can then book Stage 2 and attend your afternoon Classroom Theory, Revision and Examination Session.

    When you’ve successfully passed your theory course, you can then purchase Stage 3 which includes your Flight Assessment and an Operations Manual that is completed by our trusted third party provider*.

    Once you have completed all 3 stages of the course, you’ll receive your NQE Recommendation Certificate which will allow you to apply to the CAA for your Permission for Commercial Operation. Of course, we’ll guide you step-by-step through this process too!

    FREE Onling PfCO Learning

    Stage 1

    Start Today with NO commitment

    We’re giving you completely free access to our Online Learning for up-to 12 months. Simply fill in the form below and you will be granted instant access to 8 hours of online video learning, delivered by our CEO and ICARUS Founder Matt Williams.

    You’ll receive an email from our Learning Management System with your login details and you’ll be able to access all of our e-learning modules including:

      • Air Law
      • Principles of Flight
      • Meteorology
      • Airspace & Operating Principles
      • Operations Manual & Risk Assessments
      • LiPo Batteries
      • Human Factors
      • Operator Responsibities & Airmanship
      • Navigation
      • Flight Planning

    Fill in the form below to get instant FREE access to the Online PfCO Ground School

    Revision & Theory Examination

    Stage 2

    Join us at your nearest venue to complete your Theory Examination

    When you are ready you can book in for your afternoon of revision and classroom based learning (which includes a bonus module - ‘UK Low Flying System & Collision Effects’ - a module UNIQUE to the ICARUS Drone Training Course).

    The revision session runs from 1pm - 4pm and your 50 question, multiple choice, CAA Drone Theory Examination runs 4pm-5pm.

    During your time with us we will cover and complete:

    Air Law, Flight Planning, UK Low Flying System & Collision Effects, Exam Revision and finally your PfCO Theory Examination (1 hour & closed book).

    If you prefer to attend our 2 Day Classroom Course, please contact the office on  01491 526 700 to upgrade ‘Stage 2’ from an online session to the classroom based course (please note: there is a small additional charge for the upgrade to attend a 2-day classroom course, due to the additional costs incurred).

    Flight Assessment & Operations Manual

    Stage 3

    Book in for your Flight Assessment & Complete an Online Form to get your Drone Operations Manual from our 3rd party provider

    Stage 3 is the final stage in your journey to obtaining your PfCO.

    You’ll need to complete your Flight Assessment (otherwise known as an Operational Evaluation) at one of our assessment venues in either Oxfordshire or Staffordshire.

    You’ll get access to additional video learning which will walk you through the manoeuvres you’ll need to practise and then what you’ll need to do to pass the Flight Assessment, as soon as you sign on for Stage 3,

    Simply call the office on 01491 526 700 and a member of the team will get you booked in.

    Once you’ve successfully completed the Flight Assessment you will then submit a Return for Information (RFI) form to our trusted third party provider who will complete your bespoke Operations Manual, usually within 5 working days.

    When you’ve received the Operations Manual, you simply send it to our submissions team for ratification and if everything checks out we will issue you with your NQE Recommendation Certificate which you can use to apply to the CAA for your Permission for Commercial Operations.

    Easy, simple, done!

    Don’t forget, we’re here to help and guide you every step of the way & we can’t wait for you to join the ICARUS Family!

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