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    Drone Thermal Inspection Bundle | Parrot ANAFI Thermal + A2 CofC

    The Parrot ANAFI Thermal and the A2 CofC is the ultimate combination bundle for people who need to do thermal inspections in congested areas.

    Due to the Parrot ANAFI Thermal being under 500g, it can operate in the A2 Transitional Provision with an A2 CofC until 1st January 2023 whereby you can fly 'close to people' as long as you don't directly overfly uninvolved people.

    The ANAFI Thermal has 2 cameras: Thermal FLIR® and 4K HDR with 21MP Sony sensor with 3-axis stabilisation and +/-90° tilting to observe right underneath structures;  it is perfect for complex environments allowing you to easily and safely take thermal and visual readings.  This makes you more efficient, more precise, more responsive.


    4K/21MP Camera and a lossless zoom of 1.4x in 4K, 2.8x in full HD (1080p), the ANAFI work enables users to get a closer look without reducing the footage quality, all the while staying at a safe distance away from obstacles.


    This package is ideal for small thermal inspection jobs.


    The ultra-compact and lightweight thermal drone solution dedicated to all professionals.

    ANAFI Thermal is a thermal imaging drone which is easy to use, lightweight and powerful. The drone’s unique imaging capabilities enable you to take immediate action or analyse recorded photos and videos with unprecedented details.

    ANAFI Thermal is designed to profoundly revolutionise the way many industries and trades operate, offering professionals a complete solution that adapts perfectly to their requirements and needs.

    • Weighs only 315g and has a unique foldable design meaning you always have it to hand.
    • 2 cameras: Thermal FLIR Lepton 3.5 and 4K HDR with 21MP Sony sensor. Stabilised on 3 axes, they tilt at +/-90° to observe right underneath structures.
    • A powerful and reliable drone that offers up to 78 min of cumulative flight (3 batteries).
    • Easy to use thanks to the FreeFlight 6 app, giving you control of all the flight parameters.
    Thermal imaging camera to reveal, measure and capture the invisible
    A FLIR Lepton 3.5 thermal-imaging camera module, a market-leading product, is integrated into ANAFI Thermal's gimbal. Each element of the environment appears in high precision, with visual representations of thermal leaks and temperature differences superimposed on the image. It reveals the thermal differences of flyover areas and elements:

    • Hot spots, cold spots, thermal leaks, etc.
    • FLIR Lepton 3.5 microbolometer (radiometric).
    • Precision of ±5% max.(High-gain) or ±10% max.(Low-gain).
    • Dynamic Range: -10° to +140°C (High-gain) or -10° to +400°C (Low-gain).

    4K camera to inspect, observe and analyse the visible
    ANAFI Thermal embeds the very best from the world of imaging using a 4K HDR camera with 21MP Sony sensor. You can accurately inspect a building, capture illustrative elements of the state of a structure or a search area for example, or carry out 3D modelling.

    • Sony® CMOS HDR sensor 1/2.4’’ 21MP.
    • ASPH wide angle lens f/2.4.
    • 23-69mm (photo), 26-78mm (video) in 35mm equivalent focal length.
    • Lossless zoom x2.8 (x3 in standard mode).
    • Adobe DNG/RAW and P-LOG professional formats.

    180° and X3 zoom tilting cameras
    ANAFI Thermal's gimbal tilts vertically to +/-90°. Using thermal imaging and RGB, you can inspect right underneath structures in zenith view or roofs and flat surfaces in nadir view. Thanks to its x3 zoom, you can see a flyover building or area in minute details with complete safety.


    Technical Information

    Size folded 9.6x2.6x2.5in
    Size unfolded 6.9x9.4x2.5in
    Weight 11.3oz
    Max transmission range 2.5mi with controller
    Max flight time 25 min
    Max horizontal speed 33mph
    Max vertical speed 13.2ft/s
    Max wind resistance 31mph
    Service ceiling 2.7mi above sea level
    Operating Temperature range 14°F to 104°F
    Satellite Positioning Systems GPS & GLONASS


    What's in the box?

    ANAFI Thermal Drone
    1 Parrot Skycontroller 3
    1 Compact Shoulder Bag
    4 Smart Batteries
    1 Multi-port USB Charger
    8 Propellers
    1 16GB SD Card
    USB-A to USB-C Cables


    What do I get with the Drone Inspection Bundle?

    • Parrot ANAFI Thermal Drone (See above for contents)
    • ICARUS A2 Certificate of Competency Course (worth £249)
    • ICARUS Introduction to Surveying and Mapping with drones course (worth £149)
    • FREE Onboarding to the HUBSub (worth £99) 


    How do I book my A2 CofC?

    Simply call the office on 0800 033 400 and speak to a member of the team. You can find all of the dates and more information for the A2 Certificate of Competency course by clicking here.


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