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    Sensefly eBee Fixed Wing Flight Training & Examination

    Get Fixed Wing permissions on your PfCO

    Spend the day with one of our ICARUS Instructors learning how to safely operate the Sensefly eBee Fixed Wing Aircraft.

    In the morning, we'll take you through how to correctly set-up the aircraft and how to plan for a mission using the eMotion Software.

    You'll then be tasked with planning for a commercial flight before you go out to our training field. Once in the field, the Instructor will demonstrate how to correctly launch the aircraft and commence a mission.

    You will then commence your own operation you planned for and conduct the survey.

    Upon completing the course, you'll be granted a certificate which will allow you to get Fixed Wing Permissions on your Permission for Commercial Operations from the CAA.



    The theory and planning exercise shall take place at our Fly ICARUS HQ:

    Innovation Centre 6, Innovation Hub, Keele University, Staffordshire, ST5 5AA.

    For the practical exercise, you will need to travel to our Flight Training Field at Cudmore which is about a 10-minute drive away.



    If the weather is unsuitable to fly on your chosen date, we shall continue with the theory training and planning exercise in the morning and we shall re-schedule the practical exercise for a mutually convenient date.



    You will be flying the Sensefly eBee RTK Fixed-wing aircraft. You will not be required to have your own aircraft for this training day and all equipment will be supplied by Fly ICARUS.


    Why choose UAVHUB?

    UAVHUB (a registered trademark and trading name of Aerial Motion Pictures Ltd) is an NQE and the world's first Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Recognised Assessment Entity (RAE); authorised by the CAA to provide professional drone training to allow you to apply for your Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO), General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC) AND/OR the A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 C of C).
    We have trained over 2000 Remote Pilots since 2015 and we have an outstanding reputation, supported by the fact that we are the UK's Highest Rated Drone course on Trustpilot with over 600 5***** star reviews. 
    Our Instructors are either ex. RAF Helicopter Instructors or are professionals in the professional Drone Space, with years of experience - with UAVHUB, you're in safe hands!