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    The EXPERT Drone Course Bundle - inc. CAA A2 C of C and GVC

    Change YOUR future!

    Learn what you need to know to become an EXPERT TODAY


    Get your CAA A2 C of C AND GVC Qualifications AND all of our highly acclaimed training courses... In one, amazing value bundle!

    Join the thousands of other drone professionals we've trained and get a head-start on the competition.

    With everything we're including in this AMAZING VALUE bundle, you'll not only learn the things you need to know to pass the CAA Exams but you'll get the low-down from our years of experience at the top of the drone industry.

    We'll help you kickstart your new business by teaching you the tips and tricks behind successful sales and marketing, how to take your first steps in Land Mapping and Surveying AND you'll learn how to get the most out of your drone with our coveted Drone Masterclass.


    The EXPERT Drone Course Bundle includes all of the amazing training courses shown below:

    • CAA A2 C of C Course worth £99
    • CAA General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC) Course worth £499
    • UAVHub How to Build a Successful Drone Business course worth £249
    • UAVHub Drone Masterclass worth £79
    • UAVHub Introduction to Land Mapping with Drones worth £79

    Want to know more about each individual course and what's involved?

    Just click on the links for each one, below... 

    CAA A2 C of C Course

    CAA GVC Course

    Drone Business; Sales & Marketing Course

    Drone Masterclass

    Land Mapping with drones; Intro Course