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    CAA Operations Manual Update Service

    Our Bestselling Operations Manual Update Service is available to all Operational Authorisation holders, regardless of where you originally completed your training.

    How does it work?

    Stage 1

    Once you have purchased the Operations Manual Update Service the team will send you an email directly to request your Operations Manual and to fill in a short form so we can make sure we have the most up-to-date information for you.

    Stage 2

    Once the team has received both your current Operations Manual and your form, the team will assess whether they will need to move you over to the CAA's latest standard format (this usually means your OM is more streamlined and faster to process with the CAA!). If this is the case, you may find there are significant changes, but your Ops Manual will meet the new standards.

    If your Operations Manual is already in the preferred format, we will simply do a full audit and update.

    Stage 3

    We will send you a docx and a PDF version of your OM that will be ready to be sent to the CAA as part of your Operational Authorisation renewal for PDRA-01.

    You will have 28 working days to send your OM to the CAA where we will work with you on any problems with your application (99/100 times there's no problem!).



    Get your Operations Manual up to the current CAA Standards and Regulations for Operational Authorisation PDRA-01 quickly and cost-effectively using our streamlined and time-proven process.


    Please note: For 1 Working Day turnaround, you need to send to our team your Operations Manual along with your Flyer ID and Operator ID (if not included in your Operations Manual) before 3 pm on the day of purchase.