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    The A2 Cyber Sale

    All the training you need to get started with your small drone Today for just £99!

    (RRP £275 - thats 64% off!)

    Everything You'll Get For Just £99

    INCLUDED: 1 x CAA A2 C of C Qualification (RRP £99)

    The CAA A2 C of C is the CAA Drone Qualification that lets you fly any drone weighing between 250g - 2KG in built up areas such as parks & cities.

    Our market leading, on-demand video learning course will help you achieve 2 things:

    1) Pass your A2 as quickly and efficiently as possible - so you can get out & fly your drone more!

    2) Make you a safer and more responsible member of the drone community!

    What's included in the UAVHub A2 Fast Track Course?

    • ✅ 6 + Hours Of High Quality Video Lessons from the World's leading Drone Instructor
    • ✅ An Online Theory Examination available 24/7/365
    • ✅ Unlimited Mock Examinations
    • ✅ Unlimited Support Via Phone & Email
    • ✅ Access To Our Private Facebook Group

    INCLUDED: 1 x Drone Masterclass (RRP £79)

    Get immediate access to our highly acclaimed 'Drone Masterclass', where we’ll teach you how to capture STUNNING aerial footage with your drone. We’ll walk you through the steps you need to know, to capture professional aerial videos using specialist movements used by film & TV crews across the world. In addition, we'll show you how to use your drone's camera settings to take your footage to the next, cinematic level!

    The Masterclass is taught by Matt Williams - who has spent the last 10 years operating drones all over the world.

    Matt has shot drone footage for some of the biggest film franchises in the world (like James Bond) & and he's flown for prestigious live sporting events like the America’s Cup and World Sailing...

    In this EXCLUSIVE online course, Matt will teach you how to get the most from the equipment you have and how you too could take professional drone shots for you portfolio, which could see you 'on-set' in no time!

    • ✅ Shoot stunning aerial footage like a PRO
    • ✅ Learn how to get the most out of your drone camera by 'getting out of AUTO' and learning how to quickly and easily get to drips with manual camera settings
    • ✅ Understand the theory behind professional aerial cinematography & the main 'killer' shots which are used everyday in high-end productions
    • ✅ For those REALLY looking to take things to the next-level, we've also included advanced modules covering additional things such as ISO, Shutter Speed, Neutral Density Filters, Aperture & More!

    INCLUDED: How to Start a Drone Business, Online Training Course (RRP £97)

    When you purchase the A2 Cyber Sale Bundle, we'll also give you access to an EXCLUSIVE video training course, provided by The Drone Mentor; 'How to Start a Successful Drone Business'.

    Hosted over on our sister site The Drone Mentor, we'll send you a voucher that allows you to create a free account and access more than 2 hours of professionally produced video training... Outlining the steps you need to take, to MAKE MONEY from your drone.

    • ✅ Receive a Voucher Code to create an account at The Drone Mentor.
    • ✅ Join the EXCLUSIVE Drone Mentor Drone Pilot Community
    • ✅ Get complimentary access to your 'How to Build a Successful Drone Business' Online Training Course (worth £97)
    • ✅ Learn the 7-Step process you need to follow if you want to start, build and GROW a sustainable and profitable drone business!

    The A2 Cyber Bundle

    8 Reasons To Choose UAVHub

    1. You’ll be legally allowed to explore LOTS more locations with your drone.

    Once you’ve passed your A2 qualification - you can legally fly any drone weighing between 250g & 2KGs in ANY built-up area - as long as you stay at least 50 m away from uninvolved people.

    No more having to drive miles away just to fly your drone - you’ll be able to do it in cities, parks, and even your back garden if it’s big enough!

    2. Our first-time pass rate is more than 99%!

    With a first-time pass rate of more than 99% - we can confidently say we have the highest pass rate in the industry! A combination of AWESOME training content and our EXCLUSIVE Mock Exam system mean that all you need to do is follow our guidance and you'll be flying safely in no time... And if you have a hiccup on the Exam day, we'll provide you with personalised guidance on what you need to concentrate on learning, so you can get through your exam with no issues the second time round!

    3. The course is fantastic for newcomers and experienced pilots alike.

    If you’re new to the world of drones; you’ll learn everything you need to know to safely and confidently operate your first UAV. If you’re a more experienced pilot, you’ll have a chance to review your fundamentals and build fresh new skills too.

    Our students (whether they’re new to the drone space or veterans of the industry) consistently report that this course is a fantastic learning experience and that they’ve learned WAY more than they expected to.

    4. You’ll receive world-class training from THE recognised Industry EXPERT.

    UAVHub is led by Matt Williams, an ex-Royal Air Force Helicopter Instructor and Combat Veteran.

    His experience flying full-size helicopters in active war zones, and drones of all shapes and sizes on-set for some of the biggest film franchises in the world (like James Bond) and on-site for prestigious sporting events like the America’s Cup makes him the best instructor you could learn from.

    Matt teaches you not just the things you need to know, but leans on his vast experience from flying all over the world, to bring the training to life and make it a really interesting and enjoyable journey.

    5. You could go from ‘Zero to Hero’ and earn your A2 qualification in as little as 24 hours!

    We’ve designed this course to be as practical and efficient as possible. That means there’s zero fluff - just the genuine insights & relevant information you need to prepare for and pass your CAA A2 exam.

    With the course material clocking in at around 6 hours, you could gain your certification over a single weekend and many people have started their course and completed their exam the very same day!

    6. You’ll be joining thousands of satisfied UAVHub students.

    UAVHub has more than 5,750 5***** star reviews on Trustpilot from professionals and hobbyists, all across the UK.

    We’ve trained more drone pilots than any other company in the country, and are the HIGHEST RATED aviation training company in the World!

    When it comes to investing in your education, don’t settle for the rest - learn from the best!

    7. The entire course is self-paced & easy to understand.

    Students of our courses find that studying material created by Matt is a breeze. His friendly, engaging and down-to-earth approach make learning everything you need to know as easy as it can be.

    If you struggle to learn in a classroom or from reading through dense textbooks, don’t worry. UAVHub’s hands-on style is designed with the needs of the busy learner in mind.

    8. You’ll be supported the whole way by our 5-Star Customer Service Team.

    Our friendly & professional UK-based support staff are only a call or email away when you need them.

    Whether you have questions about accessing your materials or are having trouble getting set up for your exam, we’ll do everything we can to help you succeed.

    Our A2 Cyber Sale Bundle

    1 X A2 CofC Course (£99 Value)

    1 X Drone Masterclass (£79 Value)

    1 X Drone Business Startup Course (£97 Value)

    TOTAL SALE PRICE: £99 (£275 TOTAL Value)

    Feedback & Reviews

    A2 CofC FAQs


    What is included in the A2 Cyber Bundle?

    The A2 Cyber Bundle includes the CAA A2 C of C Qualification, our 'ICARUS' Drone Masterclass, and an exclusive course on 'How to Start a Successful Drone Business'.

    This comprehensive package offers more than 10 hours of high-quality video lessons, your online theory examination, unlimited mock exams, and support via phone and email, should it be required!

    Who is the A2 Cyber Bundle designed for?

    The bundle is perfect for both newcomers and experienced drone pilots alike.

    We've designed it to provide essential training for safe and confident drone operation, along with the opportunity to take things to the next level... Learning advanced piloting skills, and insights into starting a drone business to help you make money with your drone!

    Once I sign up, can I use the A2 Cyber Bundle to fly drones in built-up areas?, how long do I have to complete the training?


    Not immediately, but as soon as you’ve passed your A2 qualification, you can legally fly any drone weighing between 250g and 2KG in built-up areas like cities and parks, provided you can maintain a distance of at least 50 meters from uninvolved people.

    You have 12 months from purchasing the bundle, to complete your A2 Theory Examination.

    What is the pass rate for the A2 C of C Qualification?

    The UAVHub Fast-Track A2 Course boasts a first-time pass rate of more than 99%, thanks to the comprehensive training content and mock exam system... We've trained 10x more people than any other training provider in the UK; so our systems and training are really well dialled in!

    With UAVHub, you're in very safe hands! :)

    How long does it take to complete the A2 Cyber Bundle?

    The course material for the A2 qualification is around 6 hours, and many students complete the course and exam within just 24-48 hours (although we recommend doing it at a pace that means everything 'sinks-in' properly!).

    The duration of the additional Drone Masterclass and Drone Business course may vary based on individual learning pace, but there's an additional 4-5 hours of professionally produced video learning content available in these courses! :)

    Is there support available during the course?

    Yes, UAVHub provides market-leading, unlimited support via phone and email throughout your training journey, and beyond!

    In addition to direct Customer Support, when you join us through this bundle; you'll also get access to a private Facebook group for additional community support, AND access to our exclusive Drone Mentor Community, over at The Drone Mentor!

    What is the Pass-Mark for the Theory Examination?

    The pass mark is 80% - the highest in the industry... We pride ourselves on this and the fact that UAVHub students are known for their 'better than average' understanding and knowledge. Don't worry about this though; our teaching means that you'll be easily able to achieve this, just like the thousands of other successful candidates who have gone before you!

    How long do I get for the Theory Examination?

    You have a total time of 75 minutes available for the A2 C of C Theory Examination. This time is set by the CAA (and not by UAVHub). We find that the average time it takes people to complete the Exam is generally 10-15 minutes though, thanks to the way we teach and then allow you to practice, using our Mock Exam System! :)

    Can I use my iPad or iPad Pro for the Examination? It does allow screen-sharing!

    Unfortunately not. The Examination system we use needs to be run from a PC or Mac (using windows or OSX) and cannot be used on a tablet device

    Can I use my iMac to complete the Examination?

    Yes, but you MUST be able to show the proctor around your room/office in full before being allowed to take the exam. If you cannot do this because the iMac is too heavy, then you’ll need to attach an external webcam or find another computer to use for the exam.

    I don't have any forms of Photo ID (or my Photo ID is out of date) can I still do the Exam?

    If you don't have a form of photographic ID or your photo ID is out of date, it's no problem but you'll need to do a 'manual' online exam during office hours with the UAVHub Team. You won't be able to use our 'on-demand' Exam system. This is a CAA requirement as we need to conduct a couple of additional checks which our on-demand examination partners aren't able to carry out on our behalf.

    How do I access my Drone Business Training? I don't see it inside my UAVHub Account!

    The Drone Business Training included in this bundle is provided by a separate company, over at The Drone Mentor.

    When you purchase this bundle, you'll be sent an email with a link to The Drone Mentor website, and a coupon code that lets you join the business training course at no cost to you.

    Click on the link, enter the voucher code, and create an account.

    This will let you access your drone business training! :)

    You can find their site at

    So, just to be clear - your A2 training/qualification course and your Drone Masterclass will be ready for you inside your UAVHub e-Learning Account, and the additional, business related training will be inside a totally separate account you create over at The Drone Mentor. 😊

    The A2 Cyber Sale Bundle Offer

    1 X A2 CofC Course (£99 Value)

    1 X Drone Masterclass (£79 Value)

    1 X Drone Business Startup Course (£97 Value)

    (£275 TOTAL Value)