Drone Training Course

Drone Training in the UK

As the very first company to receive Recognised Assessment Entity (RAE) status from the CAA and the Highest Rated drone training company in the UK, UAVHub is the one stop shop for all your drone training needs!

We have a number of training courses which enable all drone and model aircraft pilots in the UK to get the most out of their gear, whatever type of unmanned flying you enjoy.

Whether you're a recreational drone pilot; you fly for fun and want to take advantage of the CAA's new A2 Certificate of Competency...

Or you're looking to get serious and become one of the UK's leading Professional Drone Operators with your GVC qualification; our expert training team are here to help you take your drone flying to the next level!

The new regulations being introduced into the UK can seem a little confusing and 'tricky' to understand at first glance but that's what we're here for...

To guide you through the minefield and help you fly safely and legally whilst enjoying this amazing opportunity!

When you join the UAVHub family, our expert team will cut through the jargon and teach you everything you need to know and more.

For added peace of mind in this fast-changing industry, when you join one of our e-learning courses, we even make sure you don't get caught out in the future by providing:

  • Unlimited, 'lifetime' access to e-Learning material (no 12 month cut-off here!)
  • Constant updates to e-learning modules (when the rules change, your learning will be updated)
  • Access to our private Facebook Group
  • Access to our private UAVHub Pilot's Lounge Forum
  • Direct access to our Expert Training Team to answer any questions you may have


Drone Flight Categories

Under the NEW DRONE REGULATIONS which were introduced in the UK on the 31st December 2020, there are now 3 different categories which drone flying can fall into.

Knowing which category you'll be flying your drone in is really important and depends on the level of risk involved with each flight... Essentially, it's broken down into the weight of your drone and how far you'll be staying away from people who aren't involved in your flying. 

The heavier the drone & the closer you want to get to 'uninvolved' people, the higher the risk... So, the more rigorous your training and qualifications need to be!

If you're flying a small drone far away from people - you might not need any qualifications at all... Want to get closer to people or fly something heavier or more complex? Then you may need a Certificate or an Operational Authorisation from the CAA.

You can find more detail on the categories below but if you have any questions just give the team a shout!