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    UK CAA PfCO to GVC Conversion Course

    🚨Closing Soon!🚨

    Public entry into the Course has now officially ended.

    We are still allowing entry into the course on an individual basis, upon approval from the UAVHub Training Team, if you can hit the criteria shown below...

    'Late Entry' Criteria

    If you'd like to join the course and take advantage of the opportunity to save time and money whilst gaining your GVC, we're allowing previous Students to enter on the proviso that you complete the FULL Theory Trainingand Theory Examination AND provide all the required paperwork to the UAVHub Team BEFORE the 15th of December 2023!

    If you enter the course and are unable to complete it on time, you will have to take an additional flight test and you will be charged the difference between the purchase price of the Conversion Course and the cost of the full GVC Course at the time of 'upgrading'.

    Why 'upgrade' to the GVC?

    1. Get up to date and stay out of trouble!

    Sure, it might be frustrating having to take another drone course, when you've already got your permissions, and you've been operating safely for years...

    But things have changed drastically over the last 18 months, so use this as an opportunity to get bang up to date and stay on the 'good side' of the CAA! 🚓

    2. Bypass the GVC Flight Test and Save Big!

    The GVC Conversion Course is your golden ticket to skip your CAA flight test. This isn't just a time-saver; it's a significant cost-saving opportunity. Dive straight into the action without the added stress or expenses of a flight assessment, if you hit the required criteria! 🎉

    3. Truly professional, On-Demand Video Learning.

    There's a reason we've got the best reputation in the drone training world! Our industry-leading course has been meticulously designed to cater for everyone! Refresh your knowledge, discover the latest in drone regulations, and ensure you're always at the top of your game... There's no 'death by powerpoint' here! 😎

    4. Expertise from the Forefront of the Drone World.

    At UAVHub, you're not just learning; you're learning from the best!

    Led by Matt Williams, an ex-RAF Helicopter Instructor who's also operated drones across the globe, and supported by experts from the drone industry you'll gain insights and knowledge backed by years of real-world experience in both manned and unmanned aviation.🚁

    5. Fast-Track Your Conversion.

    Our conversion course is efficient and to the point. Yes, we have to cover all the CAA mandated topics (so there might be some 'refresher' modules that you looked at in the past... But, everything has been updated and there's LOTS to learn and brush up on!

    Dive in, absorb the essentials, and complete your conversion without unnecessary delays. Many of our students finalize their conversion in just a few evenings after work... From enrolling in the course, to passing their online examination!💪

    6. You’ll be joining thousands of satisfied UAVHub students!

    UAVHub has more than 5,500 5 star reviews on Trustpilot from professional drone pilots all across the world! We were the first company to receive RAE Approval from the UK CAA, and we’ve trained more drone pilots than any other company in the country.

    When it comes to investing in your education, don’t settle for the rest - learn from the best!🎓

    Your Questions... Answered!

    Want to learn more and still got some burning questions?

    Join UAVHub CEO Matt Williams and watch our comprehensive LIVE Q&A Session Recording about the GVC Conversion Course below...

    Not got time to watch the full video?
    Here's a list of the most common questions & answers...

    What's the difference between the PfCO and the GVC?

    The PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) is the 'old' name for the CAA Permissions, granted to commercial drone pilots in the UK, while the GVC (General Visual Line of Sight Certificate) is the new certification which allows you to apply to the CAA to get your permissions.

    Why is the conversion course closing?

    The conversion course is closing due to changes in the CAA regulations, which are phasing out the ability to use your original 'NQE Recommendation' to apply to them for permissions.

    Moving everyone over to the new system ensures that people are aware of the new/current regulations and will allow you to operate safely in the Specific Category.

    What if I miss the deadline for the conversion course?

    First off - don't panic! :)

    If you miss the deadline for the conversion course, you'll need to complete the full GVC course.

    This includes theory training, a theory exam AND an additional flight test.

    This means that it'll take you a little more time and increases the costs...

    What are the prerequisites for me to be eligible for the GVC Conversion Course?

    To be eligible to enter the GVC Conversion Course, you must have/hold the following:

    ✅A current and valid 'Operational Authorisation'

    ✅ 2 Hours of Drone Flying logged in the 3 months running up to the course

    ✅ 8 Hours of flight time logged in the 12 months preceding your GVC Theory Examination

    ✅ Copies of your original Theory and Practical Training Certificates from your original Training Provider

    If you're not able to 'tick all the requirements', then you'll need to complete the full GVC Course which you can find HERE.

    Can I enter the GVC Conversion Course if I don't 'hit' all the prerequisite requirements?

    The short answer, unfortunately, is no...

    It's crucial to meet all the prerequisites to ensure a smooth transition and successful completion of the course.

    If you're unsure about your eligibility, please contact us for guidance; we recognise that every individual situation is different and we're always happy to help! 😊

    Can I keep flying under a valid Operational Authorisation if I don't get my GVC?


    This is the big change that happens on the 31st December 2023.

    Even if your Operational Authorisation is valid beyond this date, you CANNOT operate under PDRA-01 in the Specific Category after the 31st December 2023, if you don't hold a valid GVC.

    How long do I have to complete the course when I join?

    You must complete the course by the 1st December 2023 to ensure you have enough time to receive your GVC without needing to pay an additional fee in order to attend a flight test.

    How long does it take to complete the GVC Conversion Course?

    The course is self-paced, and all conducted using our market-leading, on-demand video learning system..

    In total, there's around 9 hours of training you need to complete before taking the online examination.

    Most participants complete it within a few days to a week, depending on their prior knowledge and experience, but we've had people enter the training early in the morning, smash through the learning and complete the examination the same day... Although we don't recommend doing it this way, it can be done!

    What happens if I join the Conversion Course but don't complete it in time?

    If you don't complete the conversion course by the 1st December 2023, you will need to move over to the full GVC Course. This will mean that once you complete the theory exam, you'll also need to undergo a flight test with an examiner at one of our test center locations.

    In order to move courses, you'll need to pay the difference between the price you paid to begin the GVC Conversion Course and the 'full' GVC Conversion Course at the time of transferring.

    I've already got my 'PfCO' and CAA Permissions, do I need to do the GVC Conversion Course?

    The short answer is YES.

    To operate legally under a CAA Operational Authorisation after the 31st December 2023, you must hold a valid GVC... Even if your permissions already extend beyond that date.

    I've heard people talking about 'Tech Logs'. Do I need to submit these when I complete the course?

    Do I need to update my Operations Manual to complete the course and get my GVC?

    Yes... But No!

    As part of the conversion course, we need to ensure that you have an up-to-date CAA Drone Operations Manual.

    Crucially though; we have a custom-built process and system that we've developed in-house, which we use to get your Ops Manual up to the latest standards for you.

    We've included this for FREE with the UAVHub GVC Conversion Course, to take away the worry, hassle and stress of getting this done! 💪

    Everything you'll get for just £429

    INCLUDED: 1 x GVC Conversion Course

    The CAA GVC is the 'top-end' drone certification that will let you fly any drone weighing upto 25Kg in the Specific Category. With this qualification, you can apply to the CAA to gain an 'Operational Authorisation', which then allows you to fly you larger drones in built up areas such as parks & cities.

    Our market leading, on-demand video learning course will help you achieve 3 main things:

    1) Pass your GVC as quickly and efficiently as possible - so you can get out & fly your drone more!
    2) Make you a safer and more responsible member of the drone community!
    3) Allow you to apply to the CAA for your 'Operational Authorisation' so you can fly larger drones, in more places!

    What's included in the GVC Conversion Course?

    • ✅ 8 + Hours Of High Quality Video Lessons from the World's leading Drone Instructor
    • ✅ An Online Theory Examination available 24/7/365
    • ✅ Free Theory Exam Resit if you don't pass first time (We've got a 99.9% first-time pass rate!)
    • ✅ FREE Operations Manual Update (worth £149!)
    • ✅ Unlimited Mock Examinations
    • ✅ Unlimited Support Via Phone & Live Chat
    • ✅ Access To Our Private Facebook Group

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