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    About Us

    Learn about UAVHUB and why we're the Highest Rated Drone Company on Trustpilot

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    The UK's Highest Rated Drone Company on Trustpilot

    Formed in 2015 UAVHUB training was born out of Aerial Motion Pictures; one of the first companies to start using drones for aerial film and television. 

    The company is headed by Matt Williams, a former Military Helicopter Pilot & Instructor with thousands of manned and unmanned flying hours.

    The rest of the team have been flying drones for years, clocking up hundreds of unmanned flying hours and becoming some of the best operators in the world.

    Our unique experiences and skills have created the most trusted drone education in the UK, and it is up there as one of the first and the highest rated and most regarded training school in the industry. 

    The UAVHUB family cares deeply about its members and the aviation industry which is why they have created a YouTube channel with FREE Marketing Tips, Industry Secrets and Updates to help the Drone Industry Grow.

    Matt Williams


    Adam Georgiou

    Operations Director

    Tom Pattison

    Chief Instructor

    Matthew Hirst

    Instructor & Flight Examiner

    Tim Deakin

    Customer Service

    Lauren Burnham

    Creative Content Producer