Drone Masterclass Information What will I learn

If you already didn't know what you can and can't do with a drone you will by the end of this first module. We'll take a look at the CAA regulations in the UK and how, as professional operator, we avoid collisions with other vessels & structures.
In this module we'll take you through the different types of drones you may find on the market. We'll take you through the pro's and cons of a variety of drones and their applications.
We'll take you through how to correctly set up your aircraft for its first flight. You'll also be taken through spare parts and maintenance.
If you've never flown before, this module will show you everything from choosing an idea take-off point & checking airspace. We'll go through the control stick layout of a typical drone controller and we'll then get you off the ground for the first time.
This is where we'll show you how to fly correctly and safely. You'll be shown and guided through a series of manoeuvres that will refine your skills and allow you to correctly orientate the aircraft when in the sky.
Now that you've mastered how to safely fly your drone, we'll now take you through how to make the most out of the camera settings. This is all about getting out of automatic and start shooting film like a professional. You;ll learn all about what affects exposure, why white balance is so important and what key settings you should be using to make sure you deliver technically sound footage.
Now that you can fly safely and you understand how to shoot footage correctly for your clients, we now pull all of this together and show you a number of shots you can achieve with your Drone. These are the types of shots we shoot on film sets, and what you may get asked to capture by your own clients. By the end of this, you will truly be shooting like a pro.