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    PfCO (NQE) to GVC Conversion Course

    If you DO NOT hold a current Operational Authorisation you cannot complete this 'conversion' course. If you have let your original CAA Permissions 'lapse', then you must complete the full GVC Course. This is a CAA requirement and is, unfortunately, outside the control of UAVHub.


    If you already have a current CAA OA (formerly PfCO) and an NQE Recommendation Certificate, we have an option to convert your NQE Recommendation Certificate over to a General Visual Line of Sight Certificate.

    This will allow you to get an Operational Authorisation (OA) with additional 'Bolt-ons'* such as EVLOS (when these become available).

    If you have questions surrounding the GVC Conversion Course and your eligibility to 'upgrade' to a GVC, please check out this article HERE, which is packed full of useful information and FAQs! :)

    Once you've purchased this training package, you'll be given access to our on-demand, video-based learning system so you can begin your training. The videos will guide you through everything you need to know to convert from your NQE Recommendation Certificate to a General Visual Line of Sight Certificate. (This is a requirement for ALL Remote Pilots operating under an Operational Authorisation by the 31st December 2023)

    All of our GVC on-demand E-Learning is taught by industry expert and UAVHUB CEO Matt Williams (Mr MPW) who will guide you through the learning process that will ultimately lead to you becoming a certified drone operator in the Specific Category.

    Please Note: You need to hold or operate under a current CAA Operational Authorisation (formerly PfCO) to start this course.


    How does the NQE Recommendation to GVC Conversion Work?

    When you purchase the NQE Recommendation Certificate to GVC Conversion course, this is what you can expect:

    • You'll be enrolled in the GVC learning system and work your way through the training videos (about 9 hours of on-demand, video learning)
    • When you're ready, you can use our simple, calendar-based booking system to book your Online GVC Theory Examination with one of our invigilators
    • Once you've successfully completed your Theory Examination, you'll be required to send your Flight Test exemption documentation
    • We'll update your Operations Manual so it fits into the new Operational Authorisation PDRA-01 Framework and matches the CAA requirements
    • We'll issue you with your GVC so you can renew or apply to the CAA for your Operational Authorisation!

    Our E-Learning, GVC Conversion Course Includes the following:

    • Video-based E-Learning of GVC syllabus
      • Remote Online Theory Examination
        • Flight Examination Exemption (submission of evidence required - see below)
          • Operations Manual Update
          • Award of General VLOS Certificate
          • By booking a course, you agree to our course Terms & Conditions


          On successful completion of this course, you are awarded a General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (your 'GVC), which is required to apply for an Operational Authorisation from the CAA and will allow you to do 'bolt-on' modules*.

          *'Bolt-on' modules are due to be released in the future; we are waiting for further announcements from the CAA in respect of these


          Exemption from the Flight Test

          You must hit the criterion listed below to be exempt from the Flight Examination:

          • Hold or operate under a valid OA
          • Minimum of 8 logged hours flying UAS (Total Time) in the last 12 months and;
          • Minimum of 2 logged hours flying UAS in the 3 calendar months preceding entry into the GVC theory examination (this requirement is 2 hours per type.. i.e. 2 Hours 'Multirotor', if you only hold a 'Multirotor' permission. 2 hours 'Fixed Wing' if you hold a fixed-wing permission... Or 2 hours 'multirotor' AND 2 hours 'Fixed Wing', if you want to convert both permissions)
          If you are unable to submit evidence of the above you will be required to take a Flight Examination at an additional cost of £100 + VAT. 

          What does the GVC allow you to do?

          • Apply to the UK CAA for an Operational Authorisation for drones up to 25kg Maximum Take off Mass.
            • Maintain a 50m separation from uninvolved people
            • Fly your drone within areas used for residential, industrial, residential and commercial use


          Why choose UAVHUB?

          UAVHUB (a registered trademark and trading name of Aerial Motion Pictures Ltd) is the world's first Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Recognised Assessment Entity (RAE); authorised by the CAA to provide professional drone courses for the General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC) AND/OR the A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 C of C).

          We have trained over 43,000 Remote Pilots since 2015, and we have the best reputation and customer service in the business; all supported by the fact that we are the UK's Highest Rated Drone course on Trustpilot with over 5,500 5***** star reviews!


          Our Instructors are either ex. RAF Helicopter Instructors or are professionals in the professional Drone Space, with years of experience - with UAVHUB, you're in safe hands!